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Breakfast 19

In Reflections on March 11, 2018 at 10:00 am


Breakfast 19    1 single Pancake                       $1.69

Why the small s in single?  All the other words are capitalized.  Too many reasons come to mind.  The reservation adds a few more.  I wonder how many are racist thoughts of a white guy.  How are small s reservation victimization truths and genocidal realities?

Might small s speak of winter sunrise wonder and truth of red orange reflection off valley cloud belly’s?  Or the car I passed an hour ago whose morning driver weaved from lack of sleep or alcohol or meth?  Or rabbits who ran right, left, right, right in front of my pre-sunrise headlight glare?

I’m cheap.  I bought coffee an hour ago.  I’ve moseyed to the counter and asked for a refill three times.  The small s single pancake is the cheapest item on the menu—on the wall above the clerk’s head.  Does the small s receipt speak to too embarrassed to ask for another refill?  Or hunger.  Or the relishing of a sorta hot pancake with a smack in the middle non-melting hard butter square slathered in cold syrup as sun breaks the horizon on the other side of restaurant window?

I sit.  I wait.  On Breakfast 19.



No Air No Life

In Art, Landscape, Soil on February 14, 2018 at 9:29 am

There are a number of small clay deposits on the farm.  Most of the year I do not appreciate them. They’re not much good when it comes to grass or alfalfa growth.  Plant a seed and the clay envelopes it so tightly the seed cannot breathe.  No air no life no grass no alfalfa.

Then come days when I want clay.  Adding local clay to store-bought clay gives pottery a uniqueness that is only of the farm’s landscape.  Yet, farm clay has its problems.  Clay might not grow much but it is not without organics.  A small six-inch hollow in a clay area allows drifting soil to fill, which allows grass seed to grow, that in turn allows roots to stretch into the clay—just a little.  The grass grows, withers, dies, and the faded leaf embeds into the clay during the next rainfall.  Alongside, a rabbit figures the clay is as good as anyplace to leave a dropping or two, which marries the clay as well during a rainfall.  When it comes to growing seed, it is all good.  The roots, leaf, droppings all break down to dust.  The dust enhances the small hollow a bit and over years the ground of growth enlarges. 

The Tyranny of Hateful Language

In Doctrine of Discovery, Theology on January 14, 2018 at 7:41 am

The first three days of this week I lived and conversed with family, friends and neighbors about our human need to become family with the fullness of Creation.  I was at Winter Talk and this was a time of imagining with a hint of visioning of whom we might become if we could set our heart and spirit to hearing the voice of soil and water, plant and animal, and wind.  There is great hope in having a group of people wander the outskirts rationality, look beyond the logical ridges that have bounded us for generations, and wonder a grace which includes that Creation which we could not dream as kin.  Yet a truth still lies at the feet of such inspiration.  We can never know such wonderment until we first get it right with that Creation which most looks like us, smells like us, and feels like us.

I’d hardly returned home when the comment came over the radio.  “Goddamn reservation.”  The phrase was not word for word “goddamn reservation,” but word exactness was not the point of the comment I’ve heard many times.  The incendiary comment has one purpose, to instill anger, fear, and agreement.